Graduate Programs | Judson University Christian College

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Graduate Programs at Judson

We appreciate your interest in the graduate programs of Judson University and the experience you bring to our classrooms. At Judson, we strive to offer innovative and distinctive graduate programs that meet the demands of today's workforce.

成年美女黄网站色大全 1000部禁片大全免费 日本高清视频网站.&Our world needs administrators, leaders, educators, and architects who cannot only make a living but also make a life. The values of Judson University and the faculty who engage you in the classroom will prepare you to make much needed change in our culture.

Master's Degrees

Judson offers seven academically engaging master's degrees that continue to foster expertise: a Master of Architecture, a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, a Master of Arts in Human Services Administration, a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership, a Master of Business Administration, a Master of Education in Literacy, and a Master of Leadership in Ministry.

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Doctorate Degrees

Learn more about Judson's distinctive Doctor of Education in Literacy program.


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